Diachenta PARISI

Illustrator - Greece

Illustrator in educational books with more than 25 years of creative work in educational material for students of the Greek diaspora, with the collaboration of the universities of Ioannina, Crete (E.DIAMME) and the Institute of Greek Education (Paedagogikon Institution).


“In a school book the illustrations are not made for decorative purposes only. It is essential for the meaning and the essence of the text.  The colours, the schedules and pictures, the excellent lay-out, help the student to love a school book, and to learn. The book then becomes a source of joyful and deep learning. So the image participation in educational books is invaluable, and is a challenge for the creators, illustrators and authors to cooperate. For these reasons, and because it needs a lot of work (sometimes we work for months to achieve the best result) and many hours to find the suitable material, all this work must be definitely rewarded.

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