Caroline GANDER alias CARO

illustrator - France

Abolishing copyright is pushing authors to even more precariousness, as a part of them already live under poverty line.

Abolishing copyright is deliberately depriving people from a part of their income. Teachers, professors or librarians asking for free use of other’s works, would they themselves renounce to a substantial part of their revenues in the name of this “free for education” principle?

Abolishing copyright is impoverishing the diversity of content available for education. This project produces the exact opposite consequences to the sought objective.

The right to education and access to culture are noble causes, as are the rights to shelter and nutrition

In an utopian world where all of this would be free and people were entitled to a universal income, I would be glad to draw for free. In the meantime, the European Union should take its responsibility and enable everyone to earn their living with their work, even if this later is creation of intellectual property works.

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