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My name’s Ann Gravells and I am an educational author. I write text books for trainee teachers in the post 16 sector. I have been teaching for nearly 30 years, however, this is now only one evening per week. I also act as a consultant, but again, recently, this type of work is not in demand. My main income therefore is now from the royalties of my books.


Although my payments from ALCS are not huge, they are benefi cial to me as a writer and enable me to spend more time researching. I update the books regularly to take into account new developments.


I totally disagree with the free rights of educational establishments to make use of copyright materials. I feel books will not be purchased as it will be so easy to copy multiple chapters for students to refer to. This not only applies to the establishments, but one student on a course could purchase a book and copy it on the establishment’s premises for others on the group. This could also lead to an increase in plagiarism.


I am very unhappy about my work being used ‘for free’ as I spend hundreds of hours writing the books, which is a ‘job’ and as such one I should be paid for

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