Professor - United Kingdom

I am a retired academic at Cambridge. Retiring at 65 or 67 (as I did) means, nowadays, that one has another 10-20 years of productive intellectual life after retirement. During this time one can make available to the academic community, and more generally to the public, the fruits of a lifetime of research. Thus I am publishing a book or two year, both here and in China and elsewhere. I am also putting up many dozens of films on websites etc., lecturing in Japan, China, India and elsewhere.


Yet once one has finished one’s formal career, the support for travel, publications, photocopying, computer website maintenance etc. dries up. The research has to be funded out of royalties, revenue sharing on YouTube, or whatever means.


This is where ALCS has been so valuable to me. Two recent payments of a generous kind for a book I published in 1970 have made a very considerable difference to my research and publication productivity. Any threat to this stream of revenue could have a very serious effect on my work, and on the very many active older academics who are having an impact with their work around the world

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