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My name is Andy Seed. I am an author of educational resources for schools, amongst other things, and I write books for teachers of children aged 4-11 mainly.


I make my living as a writer mainly from book sales, which are increasingly smaller as teachers use free online resources (which are often less reliable). ALCS payments are an important element of my income and a fair way for me to be remunerated for providing high quality learning materials to schools which are copied.


Any move to stop ALCS payments to authors, is in my view, not only grossly unfair but will also leave myself and many other authors with reduced income at a time when making a living from writing and being able to afford to carry out research is increasingly difficult.


As an experienced former teacher and now writer I am in a position to produce effective classroom learning resources for schools but in future if ALCS payments are removed then I might have to look at other areas of work: this means a loss to the education system in terms of access to the best written materials.


The erosion of copyright is also an assault on the invaluable principal of fair reward: why should I work (for limited financial recompense) to provide schools with good books so that they can simply copy and share the contents without paying the provider? Should I expect a broader ‘free use’ system when it comes to say public transport? Will I just hop on a train for free because it’s there? How about sharing out other people’s belongings in the future: will I be able to do that?

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