Author - United Kingdom

I am an author and translator working mainly in the Welsh language. I receive around £6,000 - £7,000 annually for royalties of books sold. Most of these are for learners of the Welsh language, of school age and adults, and include dictionaries, a grammar book, some teach-yourself books and a book on translation.


I have been extremely grateful to ALCS for obtaining further income for use made of my books by various establishments. This does not make me rich, but allows me to concentrate on writing further books.


If educational establishments were allowed to use my works without any financial recognition, it is likely that I would produce material for public consumption rather than for educational purposes. A far as my books are concerned, I know that they are used in almost all schools in Wales where Welsh is taught. This is pleasing for me, but I do not relish the thought of continuing producing books without adequate recompense for time spent and expertise.


I doubt if any builder, meals provider etc would be able to service educational establishments free. It is most strange that the Government seems to think that authors, nevertheless, can do this.

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